TV Antenna, AVANTEK AR-F12 Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna with 50-Mile Range Signal Booster

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  • This 50-mile range HDTV antenna allows you to watch your favorite TV shows without the need for expensive cable packages or satellite dishes by capturing the stunning picture and sound of 1080p HDTV broadcasting
  • Installation is easy, fast, and requires no additional tools! Simply connect the antenna to a converter box (if needed); connect the converter box to your TV; perform a simple channel scan, and you're all set to start watching
  • The sleek design profile allows the antenna to virtually disappear into its surroundings, blending in with your other electronics and furnishings
  • The generous 5-foot cord enables versatility of placement. The high-quality built-in coaxial cables allow you to stand it up horizontally or vertically using the detachable easel stand
  • Note: Not all channels will be available in all areas. Your channel listings will depend on your geographic location. Visit to see a list of channels that may be available in your area

Product Description

Why pay the high cost of cable or satellite when you can access high-quality HDTV programming for free? This revolutionary AVANTEK HDTV Antenna picks up and amplifies the over-the-air digital TV signals from nearby broadcast towers, allowing you to watch your favorite shows in full 1080p HD for free!

Outstanding Reception

This sleek HDTV antenna features a powerful amplifier that greatly enhances even the weakest signals! The 360┬░ of reception mean you will instantly have access to popular national and local TV programs, including your favorite local TV stations, along with a wide array of specialty programming!

Despite its superior range, the reception will depend in large part on where you live. For instance, your proximity to TV broadcast towers, as well as any fixtures or dwellings that may interfere with the broadcast signals.

Supreme Picture Quality

This HDTV antenna was designed to magnify broadcast signals to deliver 1080p HD picture quality to any television. The amplifier filters out cellular and FM signals and suppresses RF noises-the result is stunning color and clarity.

Easy Installation

This ultra-compact AVANTEK Indoor HDTV Antenna with flat-panel design can be installed in a few simple steps! Connect the antenna to your existing converter box (not included) or directly into your TV if you don't need a converter box. Connect the converter box to your TV (skip this step if not using a converter box) and then place the antenna where you want it to scan for available channels and enjoy! No additional tools necessary!

Placement Versatility

With its space-saving profile, the AVANTEK HDTV Antenna fits easily into its surroundings. The antenna can be laid down on a table or flat surface, or stood up using the included easel stand. It may be necessary to adjust the placement of the antenna if the reception is weak.

Product Detail

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