Destiny Of Spirits: Destiny Orbs 1000 – PS Vita [Digital Code]

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Product Description

Give fate a helping hand with this pouch of 1000 Destiny Orbs that can be used in a number of ways within Destiny of Spirits™. You can consume your Destiny Orbs for in-game boosters including:
  • Advanced Summon - add a powerful, rare Spirit to your collection.
  • Restore HP - recover the health of wounded Spirits.
  • Increase Collection Size - expand the maximum number of Spirits you can own by five.
  • Revive (Continue) - jump straight back in to the action with fully healed Spirits.
  • Purification - change your Daily Fortune to Great Blessing.
  • Curse - change your Daily Fortune to Bad Luck.
  • Immediate Delivery - instantly trade Spirits with friends.
  • Restore Raid Points - replenish up to five Boss Spirit Raid Points.

  • 1 player(s)
  • 558KB Minimum

System Requirements:
  • Supported Platforms: PlayStation Vita

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